Borge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson receive the First Shackleton award for their Expedition «Northern passage 2010»

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Borge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson receive the First Shackleton award for their Expedition “Northern passage 2010”, during the annual Expedition Finse event.


On Sir Ernest Shackleton’s birthday (he would have been 140), the Norwegian expedition Northern Passage 2010 received The 1st Shackleton Award at Finse, Norway during the annual Expedition Finse event.

Northern Passage 2010 was the first circumpolar expedition to sail through both the Northeast and Northwest Passages in the same season. The well merited polar explorer Børge Ousland teamed up with the equally well merited offshore sailor Thorleif Thorleifsson. They sailed a small trimaran, a Corsair 31, from Oslo, Norway on 23 June, left Murmansk 28 July and arrived at Point Barrow, Alaska on 16 September. Returning through the Northwest passage passing Cambridge Bay on 16 September, turning the tip of Greenland on 3 October and arriving back in Oslo on 23 October.
See http: for more details.

The purpose of The Shackleton Award is to honour outstanding expedition achievements and inspire today’s explorers to new expeditions into unknown territories or conditions.

The award will be awarded annually to an expedition found to be “real and novel, unmotorized and within polar areas or conditions”.
The Shackleton Award Committee is made up of international capacities on expeditions and Shackleton: Victor Boyarsky (Russia), David Hempleman–‐Adams (UK), Thomas Ulrich (Switzerland), Børge Ousland (Norway), and Bjørn Basberg (Norway).

The Committee had narrowed the list down to 5 nominations, when Børge Ousland had to leave the committee for the remaining to make their final decision.
Citing from the Committee’s final wording:

“We were looking for expeditions that pushed the boundaries, looking for expeditions that were not afraid to fail. Of course, as we all know, and as Shackleton knew only so well, the difference between success and failure can be a cigarette paper thin
However, over the debate, one expedition constantly floated to the top. Inspiring, audacious, tenacious, courageous — all of these words summed upon expedition, The Northern Passage”

The Shackleton Award is an exact scaled replica model of the James Caird, the life boat used by Shackleton and his crew in their voyage from Elephant Island to South Georgia in April of 1916, made by Sebastian Coulthard, who himself recently took part in the reconstruction of this voyage, the Shackleton Epic Expedition 2013.

For more information, contact Trygve K. Norman, secretary to The Shackleton Award Committee, at mobile +4790924717 or by mail
– med Borge Ousland, Polar explorer, Sebastian Coulthard, Shackleton award model maker and explorer himself ogThorleif Thorleifsson, off shore sailor and explorer.

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